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Evaluation Plan and Timelines

Formative and Summative Evaluation Plan


Factor to Evaluate

Questions to Address


Measure of Success

July to Dec 2014

The project team members’ experiences in guiding development of and implementing framework, guidelines & RLS.

How comprehensive the framework is and its applicability for curricula design; usability & accessibility of the courses designed or redeveloped using the framework and RLS.

Anonymous survey; focus groups with project team members facilitated by external assessor.

Positive feedback from team members.

Formative & summative from July to Dec 2014

The students’ perspective/experience.

Usability & accessibility of redesigned courses; satisfaction with course and materials and RLS.

Online anonymous survey; focus groups with students.

Ease of use; satisfaction with redesigned course/s and RLS.

Formative & summative July to Dec 2014

The teachers’ perspective/experience.

Satisfaction with framework and RLS, and reported students’ satisfaction.

Online anonymous survey; focus groups with teachers.

Satisfaction with framework and guidelines.

May-June 2015

The independent reviewer’s assessment of the accessibility of courses redeveloped and RLS.

Usability and accessibility of redeveloped courses; usability and accessibility of the RLS.

Formal accessibility and usability testing by independent assessor against WCAG 2.0.

Usability & accessibility of redeveloped courses and the RLS.

June - July 2015

The framework, guidelines, prototype RLS and the project itself.

Stakeholder engagement in developing framework, guidelines & RLS; the usefulness of the framework & guidelines for academics.

Review reference group; Independent summative review.

Stakeholder satisfaction.

June - July 2015

How each institution may take forward the project & development of the RLS.

Practicality; collegiality; sustainability of project.


Review and report from each partner. Summative review.

Commitment to sustain project in longer term.