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Publications and Conference Presentations

Photo of students of mixed culture using a laptop computer. Photo of a young woman using a computer workstation. Photo of students of mixed cultures and genders using a laptop computer.

Peer Reviewed Publications


Wood, D. (2015). The affordances of 3D virtual worlds as authentic learning environments. In Bozalek, V., Ng’ambi, D., Wood, D., Herrington, J., Hardmann, J. and Amory, A. (Eds). (in process). Activity Theory, Authentic Learning, and Emerging Technologies: Towards a Transformative Higher Education Pedagogy. Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group Publishers.

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Falkner, K. Vivian, R  Wood, D.  Johnson, T.  &  Scutter ,S. (2014) How usable and accessible is your course for students? An evidence-based approach to the redevelopment of the online materials for an introductory programming course HERGA Conference 24-25 Sep 2014 - Changing Horizons: Local Learning for Global Impact.

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Wood, D. (2015). Using evidence to guide the design of inclusive online courses for students from diverse backgrounds. Invited plenary speaker. SACLA Conference, 2-3 July, 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Wood, D. (2014). Invited Key Speaker - Revolutionising Learning through Better Access to Technology and Resources, 5th Annual ICT in Higher Education Summit, 27th-28th March 2014, South Africa.

Wood, D. (2014). Invited Key Speaker - Designing inclusive technology enhanced learning environments to support a diverse student population. To be presented at the Institutional Strategies for Blended Learning Conference, 25-26 March 2014, Sydney.

Wood, D. (2014). Inclusive Design of e-Learning Environments: A Global Agenda. Invited presentation e-Merge Africa, July, 2014.

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