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Photo of students working together on a laptop. Photo of a young woman using a computer workstation. Photo of students of mixed cultures and genders using a laptop computer.

Guidelines for Inclusive Design


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Testing Protocol for use in Project

Morae Useability Testing Software www.techsmith.com/morae.html was used in this project to assess the useability of online course resources. There are 3 components to Morae:

1. Morae Recorder is used for recording students undertaking tasks using the online course resources. This software is free.
2. Morae Manager is used to play and analyse the recordings. This software costs about $1700 per licence)
3. Morae Observer is used for a third party to view the recordings in progress (we are not using Morae Observer in this project)

Link to download Morae Recorder

The Morae website at Morae tutorials provides guidance in how to set up and analyse a Morae test. This is for information only, as in this project Sheila Scutter will set up the course testing protocol and will analyse the recordings, in discussion with course coordinators. 

Morae Testing Procedure
When the online resources for the course are available, the course coordinator and team member will work with Sheila to identify tasks for students to complete. This will usually be about 10 tasks, which should take approximately 20 minutes to complete if the student is able to proceed smoothly and efficiently to complete tasks. Some tasks will be common to all courses, for example these could be:

  1. Locate the contact details (telephone number and email address) of the course coordinator
  2. Determine the details for Assignment One

Some tasks will depend on the course materials. For example:

  1. Listen to/watch and listen to the podcast/videocast of the third lecture/session.
  2. Contribute to the first discussion page.
  3. Locate the e-resources for week 4.
  4. Submit Assignment 2

Course coordinators will also be asked to identify unique characteristics of their course that would be interesting to analyse (eg links to another site, online activities)

Morae will be set up to run in Auto-Pilot, so that the student will receive instructions to complete each task. During the task, video will be recorded using the webcam, keystrokes and mouse movement/clicks recorded, audio recorded as well as time. This data will all be saved and analysed.

The instructions for downloading and installing morae, then running the test protocols, are located at:  Making a Morae Recording

To send Morae recordings (.rdg files) to Sheila Scutter for analysis using Morae Manager, please contact Sheila on sheila.scutter@unisa.edu.au or 0412144611. Please upload your recordings to either Dropbox or Google drives. Sheila will advise you when these have been downloaded and you can then remove them from your Dropbox/Google drive.