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Project Schedule

The stages of the project are as follows:

Project Initiation

Project team meets; project website established; usability and accessibility criteria established; design research instruments (survey incorporating Likert-scale and open ended questions; focus group questions; usability criteria); ethics approval (August-October 2013); recruit coordinators of courses to be designed/redeveloped (October to December 2013).

Research Solutions

Rapid Evaluation Assessment (REA begins); research RLS; pre-test research instruments (November 2013).

Design and DevelopmentREA continues; prioritise requirements; dissemination activities (October to December 2013).


Usability, accessibility testing and formative review of learning analytics data of nominated courses; survey and focus groups involving teachers and students of nominated courses; create alpha version of RLS (see Attachment 4) (January-June 2014).


Undertake further analysis of the evidence gathered from pre-intervention testing and in collaboration with the educational developer, course coordinators and team members, redesign the courses informed by the evidence gathered from preliminary testing; dissemination activities continue (June-July 2014). Trial each of the redeveloped courses and RLS (July-November 2014); for those courses only offered once a year, conduct trials in March-June 2015.


Conduct usability and accessibility testing, and evaluation of learning analytics data from the next offering of revised courses, conduct survey, student and teacher focus groups to compare experiences reported by the two cohorts of students; refine alpha version of RLS based on user feedback; develop framework and guidelines for academics; national & international workshops conducted (November-December 2014). For courses offered only once per year, post-intervention measurement will occur progressively from February-June 2015.

Finalisation of Project

Finalise modifications to framework, guidelines and RLS based on formative feedback from previous stages; independent accessibility testing of RLS; finalise reports for OLT; summative evaluation conducted by external independent assessor; dissemination activities reporting findings continue; project website updated with final version of framework, guidelines and case studies; open source RLS packaged ready for download via project website (January-July 2015).